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Personalised, holistic disability services catering to individual needs, fostering family involvement, community engagement, and respect for multicultural diversity.

We are an NDIS Registered Provider. Experienced and flexible enough to meet your needs at affordable rates and within your budget.

Empowering Independence

Our Disability Support Services

Community Nursing Care

Experience holistic Community Nursing Care tailored to your needs, ensuring comfort and well-being in your home.

Assist With Personal Activities

Elevate daily life with OneCare Priority’s Assistance in Personal Activities, providing tailored support for well-being and independence.

Accommodation and Tenancy

Explore personalised housing solutions with Accommodation & Tenancy services, ensuring a stress-free living experience in well-appointed homes. 

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Live independently and share daily work with our Daily Task Shared Living service. Our caring staff provide personal support, skill building, social time, and expert help. Enjoy different shared living options like houses, flats, and special buildings.

Household Tasks

Our NDIS-approved Household Tasks service supports individuals with disabilities in managing day-to-day chores and responsibilities. We help with cleaning, laundry, meals, small home repairs, gardening, and organising.

Assist with Travel and Transport

OneCare Priority’s Assist Travel and Transport service helps people with disabilities go places. We provide personal help with planning, travel buddy, schedule, and necessary appointments like doctors or therapists.

Community Participation

Engage in your community and enrich your life with our tailored Community Participation Service. Our friendly support worker shares your interests and complements your personality. Enjoy social activities, hobbies, and personal growth.

Group/Centred Activities

Discover the joy of connection through our well-planned Group Activities. Participate in activities at our centre and in the community, learn life skills, find interests, and make friends.

Life Skills and Development

Enhance your daily life by developing essential skills with our Life Skills and Development program. Gain the tools to handle everyday challenges, improve your confidence, and strengthen your independence.

Behaviour Support

Overcome behaviour challenges with our personalised Behaviour Support service. Our caring team provides help for coping, managing emotions, and feeling better. We use a Human Rights approach and the least restrictive methods.

Assist Personal Activities - High Intensity

Our Complex Care assistance provides high-level support for participants with complex needs. From complex bowel care to mealtime management, we assist participants in their daily living activities in various settings.

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As an NDIS-approved provider, we adhere to strict guidelines and standards to ensure the best possible care.

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