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Community Nursing Care

Our compassionate and skilled nursing team offers a holistic approach to nursing care, providing specialist services in the comfort of your home.

If you need care for a short time or longer, we want to help improve your health and make managing it easy for you and your family, creating a worry-free experience.

OneCare Priority’s Community Nursing Services include:

  • Tracheostomy care
  • Ventilator management
  • Medication management (Subcutaneous, Intravenous & Intramuscular Injections)
  • Complex bowel care
  • Enteral feeding and management (Naso-gastric & PEG)
  • Urinary catheter management (In-dwelling, In-out catheter, and Suprapubic Catheter)
  • Complex Wound Management
  • Incontinence management
  • Palliative Care (including care at home till the end of life)
  • Referrals to other Allied Health or other community care services as needed
  • Dementia Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Advocacy
  • Assistance to access long-term care arrangements
  • Trust our dedicated team to provide personalised, high-quality care to help you lead a fulfilling life.

Assist With Personal Activities

At OneCare Priority, we provide essential support services that cater to our client’s daily living activities, personal care, medication, and lifestyle guidance needs.

Our Assist With Personal Activities includes:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene, such as showering, bathing, oral care, dressing, and grooming.
  • Help with toileting, bladder, and bowel management.
  • Support with feeding and meal preparation.
  • Accompaniment to appointments.
  • Aid in using devices and appliances for hearing and communication.
  • Assistance with mobility and transfers, including hoist lifters for bed and chair transitions.

We aim to ensure our clients receive the support they need to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Accommodation and Tenancy

If you need housing assistance, we’re here to help. Our accommodation and tenancy services are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for short-term, midterm, or Supported Independent Living (SIL) options, we have the perfect place for you to relax and heal with the support of a caregiver.

Our service includes:

  • Providing Supported Independent Living homes that are carefully selected to meet your needs. We only offer homes that we would be happy to live in ourselves. Our modern and stylish homes are fully furnished and conveniently located near amenities and public transport. You can choose to live alone or with others for short-term or long-term stays.
  • Helping you create housing goals and work with DHHS, occupational therapists, and real estate agents to ensure our properties are safe and suitable for residents.
  • Assisting with rental applications, DHHS applications, bond loans, and grants for household items.
  • Helping you manage your tenancy responsibilities, make informed decisions, budget, set up utilities, and access available grants.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

OneCare Priority’s Daily Task Shared Living service helps people with disabilities live together. This service lets them be independent and share daily work in a friendly place.

Our service includes:

  • Personal Support: We work with each person to plan for their needs and goals.
  • Skill Building: We help people learn life skills like budgeting, meal planning, and chores to be more independent.
  • Social Time: Living together helps people make friends and enjoy activities with others.
  • Team Decisions: We let people have a say in how their home is run.
  • Expert Help: Our caring staff provide guidance and support for a safe and happy home.
  • Many Housing Choices: OneCare Priority has different shared living options like houses, flats, and special buildings.

Household Tasks

OneCare Priority’s Household Tasks service, an NDIS-approved offering, is designed to support individuals with disabilities in managing their day-to-day chores and responsibilities at home. Our primary goal is to empower participants to live independently while maintaining a clean, comfortable, and organised living environment.

We help with these tasks:

  • Cleaning: We help with sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting.
  • Laundry: We help with washing, drying, folding, and putting away clothes.
  • Meals: We help plan, shop for, and cook good and healthy meals for you.
  • Fixing: We help with small home repairs like changing lights or fixing leaks.
  • Gardening: We help with mowing, weeding, and watering plants.
  • Organising: We help make storage and keep things neat and tidy.

Assist with Travel and Transport

OneCare Priority’s Assist Travel and Transport service helps people with disabilities go places. We want to make it easy to get around and be independent. Our team helps with travel plans and comes with you on your trip.

We give personal help with the following:

  • Planning: We help plan and arrange trips with Assist Travel and Transport service.
  • Travel Buddy: Our friendly staff from Assist Travel and Transport go with you and help when needed.
  • Your Schedule: We change our Assist Travel and Transport help to fit your needs and timing.
  • Going to Services: Our Assist Travel and Transport service helps you get to necessary appointments like doctors or therapists.

Community Participation

Our Community Participation Service at OneCare Priority is designed just for you! We believe engaging in your community enhances well-being, reduces long-term care costs, and builds a stronger network of friends and connections.

Our tailored service pairs you with a friendly support worker who shares your interests and complements your personality. Together, you’ll work towards achieving your goals, whether learning a new skill, trying out a fresh hobby, or enjoying social activities.

Imagine catching the hottest movie, sharing a meal at a cozy pub, playing sports, or attending an art class – the choice is yours! Just tell us your desires, and we’ll make them a reality.

Choose OneCare Priority’s Community Participation Service and discover a world of possibilities that enrich your life and strengthen your connections. Don’t wait, start your journey today!

Some of our services include:

  • Joining sports clubs
  • Outings to dinners, libraries, or cafes
  • Local hobbies, music, or craft groups
  • Attending events, movies, and shows
  • Finding volunteer opportunities

Group/Centred Activities

Discover the joy of connection through OneCare Priority’s Group Activities. Our well-planned programs help people join in, have fun, and make memories. Enjoy different hobbies and meet people who like the same things.

At OneCare Priority, clients take part in activities at our centre and in the community. They’re encouraged to help plan weekly activities. Programs teach life skills and help clients find their interests and make friends.

We at OneCare Priority think talking and doing things with others helps you grow and be happy. Our Group Activities service is friendly and open to everyone. Come and see how good it feels to share experiences with others.

Life Skills and Development

Enhance your daily life by developing essential skills with the expert guidance of OneCare Priority’s Life Skills and Development program. At OneCare Priority, we help our clients learn life skills that boost their independence and uniqueness. This improves their quality of life, building confidence and enabling them to tackle tasks that once seemed difficult.

Our program is designed to give you the tools to handle everyday challenges, strengthening your confidence and independence as you progress. Our experienced team supports you in mastering critical life skills, such as budgeting, cooking, personal care, and time management.

Behaviour Support

Our goal is to make life better for people with disabilities. We help with behaviour problems so they can connect with family, support, and the community. Try OneCare Priority’s Behaviour Support service to overcome challenges and live well.

Our caring team gives personalised help for coping, managing emotions, and feeling better. We use a Human Rights approach and the least restrictive methods. We may also discuss needed restrictive practices based on each person’s BPSP.

Everyone is different, so our Behaviour Support service fits your needs. Together, we’ll work on being strong and growing, so you can live your best life with OneCare Priority.

Assist Personal Activities - High Intensity

At OneCare Priority, we’re registered with NDIS to help and oversee daily personal activities for participants who need high-level support.

We aim to assist participants to live independently, backed by our team members with added qualifications and experience relevant to the participant’s complex needs. Your NDIS plan will outline the support you need.

We assist in Adelaide in various settings, including the participant’s home or shared accommodation. Our help may also be required when participants engage in social, recreational, educational or employment activities or even during holidays away from home.

Our complex care covers:

  • Complex Bowel Care
  • Pressure Area & Wound Management
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Suction
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  • Enteral Feeding & Management
  • Managing Diabetes & Subcutaneous Injections
  • High Risk of Seizures
  • Urinary Catheters
  • Stoma Care
  • Mealtime Management

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